Waffle Quesadilla

I have been craving a quality quesadilla, but honestly, too much milk fat RIPS my stomach apart. So I walked my booty to Whole Paycheck today and bought Lisanatti Almond Cheese and some new flour tortillas. Just so I could make this baby!



  • 2 flour tortillas (I used the smaller Whole Foods 365 Organic brand)
  • 54g Lisanatti Foods Mozzarella Style Almond Cheese

Super simple. Grate the cheese with a cheese grated. Lay one tortilla down and spread the cheese all over it. Place the other tortilla on top. Transfer the quesadilla into a waffle maker (Belgian waffle maker works best because it’s round!) that’s sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Close the waffle maker, and let it cook until it’s crispy! The cheese may start melting out of the quesadilla, so just take it out when that happens- hehe!

Macros: 366 calories, 54g carbs, 8g fat, 22g protein, 4g fiber

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