High Protein Alpine Strawberry Waffle

I wrapped up my Thursday night with these waffles (it made TWO. Epic. Will post the recipe sometime this weekend on my blog/ hopefully). Super Fluffy☁️ Alpine Strawberry NutriFroce Sports Protein Waffles topped with Waffle Crunch Cereal (waffles on waffles),Walden Farms blueberry syrup, and Peanut Butter & Co dark chocolate🍫 dreams💤 peanut butter🍯. #latergram #ShesABeaut



  • 36g Alpine Strawberry Whey (Rose10: 10% off NFSports)
  • 35g whole wheat flour
  • 7g coconut flour
  • 60g nonfat greek yogurt
  • 92g liquid egg whites
  • 1/2tsp baking powder
  • Stevia
  • 1/4tsp vanilla extract by BetterBodyFoods

Mix all of your ingredients, then cook in a greased waffle iron. And like I said, it made TWO WAFFLES. BUHBUHBAM.

Macros- 412 calories, 36g carbs, 4g fats, 45g protein, 5g fiber

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