Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein No-Bake Cheesecake

THIS was the best recipe YET. I promise you. Try it. Inspired by some Instagram friends – IShouldStartLifting (my apologies, I don’t know your name, man!) and Nadine.



  • 90g plain nonfat greek yogurt (Fage works best)
  • 120g fat-free cream cheese
  • 16g Chocolate Peanut Butter protein powder
  • Stevia drops

Mix a lllllll of that up then chill for fish hours so it can set a bit more. Then NOM.

Macros: 226 calories, 13g carbs, 0g fat, 37g protein, 0g fiber

Vanilla Protein No-Bake Cheesecake with a Chocolate Brownie Almond Crust

This is by FAR the best no-bake cheesecake I’ve made so far! The crust is flakey, but the cheesecake clings nicely.


Ingredients (crust):

Mix all of the ingredients. You don’t HAVE to bake this, but I tried. I just stuck it in a 325F oven for about 2-3 minutes on a greased piece of foil in a circular shape. Make sure you pat it down.


Ingredients (cheesecake):

  • 115g fat-free cream cheese
  • 90g plain nonfat greek yogurt (FAGE is da best for this)
  • 10g vanilla NutriWhey (NutriForce Sports 10% off: Rose10)
  • Stevia drops
  • 1/4 tsp Better Body Foods vanilla extract

Mix all of the ingredients suuuuper well. Make sure the cream cheese is room temp because it’ll mix easier. Chill for 2-3 hours. I made sure the crust was cooled down. Then I topped it with the no-bake cheesecake and chilled it all together.

Macros (crust): 234 calories, 10g carbs, 20g fat 5g protein, 4g fiber

Macros (cheesecake): 212 calories,16g carbs, 1g fat, 29g protein, 0g fiber

Macros (errrrrthang): 446 calories, 26g carbs, 21g fat, 34g protein, 4g fiber


Shotty photo, but you had to see the inside. It’s the best one yet!

Belgian Double Chocolate Brownie Protein Cheesecake

I’ve seen a few people making protein cheesecakes lately, and I wanted to make a recipe of my own and eat the entire thing! #Glutton #Selfish – what can I say?

IMG_2250 IMG_2252


  • 20g Belgian Chocolate Whey (I used NutriForce Sports NutriWhey, get 10% off your order on their Muscle & Strength page with Rose10!)
  • 150g plain nonfat greek yogurt
  • 33g (2tbs) fat-free cream cheese
  • 1tbs Chocolate Brownie Sweet Spreads CocoNutter
  • 30g liquid egg whites
  • 1/4tsp xanthan gum
  • 1/2tsp baking powder
  • Stevia

Preheat your oven to 325F. Melt your CocoNutter by microwaving the glass jar for 20-30 seconds then stir to mix the separated ingredients (note: you can use plain coconut butter instead, but the chocolate brownie taste will change your life.) Combine ingredients above until well combined — you can blend em up or just use a spoon, like I did. Place in any type of pan that you want (I don’t have a pie pan, so I used a loaf pan), and cook at 325F for 25-35 minutes. Let the dish cool, then chill for 2-3 hours.

IMG_2260 IMG_2263

Macros for the cheesecake: 343 calories, 14g carbs, 12g fats, 35g protein, 4g fiber